The Key Points

When you eat exactly the same amount of protein from other meats like chicken or pork, you cause…

Other Meats SMALL copy.png

85% less greenhouse gas emissions

60% less water usage

85% less land burden

(food production is complicated, and so these numbers are global averages)


Or even better, when you eat exactly the same amount of protein, animal-free, you cause…

Plants Instead

95% less greenhouse gas emissions

85% less water usage

95% less land burden


Cutting out beef (as long as you don’t switch to lamb), frees up enormous quantities of land for reforesting, and (as long as you don’t switch from beef to other meats) also means you preserve a huge amount of soil, reduce fertiliser pollution and suffering too.


Why Is Beef So Bad?

Cows are really incredible creatures that can do something that humans can’t do.

Cows can eat grass and turn it into energy.

cow-1978088_960_720 eating grass.jpg

Throughout history, cows have been miracle workers: turning seemingly infertile, good-for-nothing grassland into milk, beef, leather and even power to pull ploughs.

As a species, we’ve depended enormously on cows, and it makes sense why!

But this miracle has two major costs, especially now that there’s more cow on Earth than any other land mammal.

1. Grass is a very inefficient food source…

(about 80% of the protein fed to cows is lost in their poo, and only about 5% of it becomes beef… so cows demand an astonishing quantity of land, water and fertilisers, causing destruction of nature and soil erosion)

2. When digesting grass, cows produce loads of methane…

(methane is 86 times worse a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (measured over 20 years))

The Bottom Line

The world produces so much food that it wastes about 1/3 of it.

Yes, there are places in the world where food is short (because the food system is a mess) but overall, the world is definitely not short of food.

Today, we need to be a lot more worried about climate change than food.

Cows are miraculous when food is short.

Cows (and sheep, for similar reasons) are terrible if we’re worried about climate change.

Since we can easily get enough protein without beef, and be healthy too…

…it’s definitely time to say #NoBeef.