Here are some of our infographics - take them and share them!

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Change Pack

Here is our change pack, for universities, schools, offices, restaurants etc.

With support from the University of Cambridge, we’ve put this together to show that removing beef and lamb is not only better for the environment, but also straight-forward, safer, healthier and more profitable.

Feel free to approach any institutions with our Change Pack and infographics!

If you can show a caterer or a restaurant that there’s a practical, safe and simple way to make an enormously positive change, it’ll happen…

Some of Cambridge’s Recipe Ideas

Spicy Jackfruit Tacos


Mae Rebus

T-Shirt Shop


If you’d like to spread the word on your body, then here are some t-shirts.

The shop uses sustainably-grown organic cotton, in ethically certified living-wage factories, and the manufacture and printing is powered by renewable energy.

Useful Links

#NoBeef Video - YouTube

Hold The Beef