Getting Enough Protein

It's unbelievable how much animal protein we eat that we don’t need.

Data from World Resources Institute, 2016

Data from World Resources Institute, 2016

On average, we each already get about 85% of the protein we need from plants.

By cutting out beef, you're not in danger of becoming short on protein.

For most of human evolution, we haven’t had anything close to this easy access to meat.

Do We Need To Eat Meat To Be Strong?

No: several of the world’s weight lifting champions have been vegans.

Roman gladiators were vegan by choice.

And look at all the muscles on cows and horses: they don’t eat meat either.

One of the main academic supporters of this website, Prof. Gidon Eshel, is in his 60s, and cycles hundreds of kilometres a week, all on nothing but plants.

If they can all do it without meat, you can definitely do it without beef.

Meat Alternatives

It's becoming easier (and cheaper) than ever to cut out meat entirely, and still get far more protein than we need.

Some of our distant ancestors might have found it hard to stay alive without eating meat...

...but with modern understanding of where to find protein, things have totally changed.

Quorn Burger.jpg

Meat alternatives like Quorn, the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger and Seitan are rich in protein and are getting more delicious every year.

Rather than substituting beef for other meats, your impact is much bigger when you go animal-free.

Lab-Grown Meat

Growing meat in labs is still highly resource intensive, expensive, and yielding minimally delicious results.

Dr. Mark Kotter at the University of Cambridge has recently found a way to speed up stem-cell differentiation, which may help to accelerate research…

…but in the short term, animal-free alternatives are going to be the far more delicious option!