#NoBeef isn't about...

Making people feel guilty or telling people what to do.


#NoBeef is about...

1. Showing the enormously positive impact of cutting out beef.

2. Coming together to convince schools, universities, offices, hospitals, airlines, ice cream vans etc. to take beef off their menus.

Our team is focusing on schools and universities, because in canteens where the aim is to feed people good nutrition as economically and sustainably as possible, it’s undeniable that beef and lamb have no place as the climate and ecological emergency unfolds.


How to have a positive impact

  1. Give up beef (see the impact you’ll have here and take the pledge) if you haven’t already.

  2. Charmingly convince anyone and everyone to go #NoBeef. Use our Change Pack to help to persuade big organisations, and get in touch with us to ask us to support you - we will!

  3. Write to us about every success (even if it’s just a small cafe) and we’ll record everything on our results page, so we can total up the impact we’ve had.


How to have an even bigger impact

Join our community in campaigning for change in schools, offices, universities etc.


If you join our community, we'll work with you and co-strategise in convincing organisations and businesses to take beef off their menus.

Besides this, we'll be your friends.

Sign up below, and let's get started together!

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