One small thing is the most effective personal change we can make to…

Combat deforestation and make way for reforestation.

Reduce greenhouse gases to slow climate change.

Preserve water.



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The Campaign

With our partners in Central Catering at the University of Cambridge, #NoBeef supports schools and universities through the environmentally conscious, and vital positive step of removing beef and lamb from their menus…

…and many are joining us!

Some parties argue that certain methods of beef farming can play a positive role in the maintenance of healthy soil, and whilst we acknowledge that this can be true in certain circumstances, these methods are much more expensive, and take up very large quantities of land that could normally be reforested to achieve a much greater positive climate impact.

Regardless, one thing is undeniable: in schools and universities where caterers are working to provide quality nutrition as cost-effectively and sustainably as possible, beef and lamb have no place anymore.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to support or join the movement to achieve #NoBeef in schools and universities.

#NoBeef is supported by...

Prof. Paul R. Ehrlich

Stanford University

Prof. Maureen E. Raymo

Columbia University

Prof. Gidon Eshel

Harvard University & Bard College

Prof. Christopher Gardner

Stanford University

Prof. David Katz

Yale University

Prof. Jeff McMahan

University of Oxford

Prof. Sally Haslanger


Prof. Peter Singer

Princeton University


Paul McCartney

“#NoBeef highlights the science behind moving towards a world without dependence on farmed animals and is a step in the right direction to a more sustainable future.”

Peter Gabriel’s website and Facebook page…

“Peter is supporting a campaign, which has just been launched by his colleague Matthew Shribman, on cutting down beef consumption. #NoBeef is a campaign to broaden awareness that one of the single most-effective things we can do, as individuals, to combat deforestation, reduce greenhouse gases to slow climate change and to preserve water is to stop eating beef.”

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